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UIUX / Mobile App Redesign



User Research, Market Research, Strategy, UX, Visual Design


Snapchat Redesign is a proposal that aims to solve its current revenue limitations, to broaden its user range and and at the same time to promote a more interactive and engaging creative community amongst its users.


With the rise of Instagram, influencers are now becoming a thing and lots of amateur photographers and models are quickly getting famous. However, communications between to two parties are still handled using friends or direct messaging. Qollab wishes to solve this issue by providing an efficient and transparent appointment booking system for the two parties to quickly establish connections and collaborations.


I did extensive research on the user demographics of the Snapchat App to help further analyze what pain points to look at. As for 2017, the majority of the user base is teenage/early adult females in the USA.

Competitive Analysis


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Samantha Clarkson

    15 / Orlando, FL / High School Student

    Sam loves taking selfies and pictures of her volleyball practices and her dog. She shares them with her friends and chats about her everyday experiences through messaging.

    Pain point: When Kevin travels to different parts of the world, he has trouble finding people to collaborate with. Planning out a photoshoot can also get logistically challenging and tiring for him when he’s on the road.

  • Johnny Nguyen

    31 / Los Angeles, CA / Filmmaker

    Johnny is pursuing his dream to become a movie director. Snapchat is his channel to show his friends and acquaintances his inspirations and more so the funny moments he runs into.

    Pain point: Getting into the blogging business is extremely competitive, Andria would need to have high-quality photos on her social media to best showcase her style and gain more attention.

  • Marie Iglesias

    52 / Puyallup, WA / Housewife & Secretary

    Marie is a single working mother of four kids. Living far away from all her kids, she uses Snapchat to connect with her children, getting their latest updates and interesting finds.

    Pain point: Moving to a new place without knowing anyone so in desperate needs to make connections with people through creative things to do together.

Pain Points

The two biggest threats for Snapchat as of the year 2017.

1. Instagram Stories

The explore page also acts as the home page of this app. This means that everytime qollab is launched, users are brought to the explore page, ready to browse and make connections.

Search results can be organized by filters or keywords for a better and more precise browsing experience.

2. Limited Revenue Streams

SMALL EFFECT - Snapchat’s main revenue streams come from Live Stories & Discover from different businesses & brands, yet only less than 30% of all users use these features

HIGH EXPENSES - Snap Inc. paying high costs but generating shockingly little revenue: just $3.1 million, while the bottom line stood at -$128.4 million

Interview Candidates

  • Target Audience 1
  • Target Audience 2
  • Expert
  • Alicia Chiaravalli

    27 / Ann Arbor, MI / Graduate Student at University of Michigan

    “I love the hilarious face filters Snapchat has. I don’t like the news and the ads though.”


    • No ads, please
    • Brands are distracting
    • I like using it to be stupid with my friends

  • Jax Lee

    40 / Pacifica, CA / Senior Animator at Industrial Light & Magic

    “I’ve not used Snapchat but I got a sense that it’s a teenager’s thing.”


    • Should be engaging and relaxing for busy people
    • Intuitive for parents and children’s interactions

  • Tingko Chiu

    28 / Brooklyn, NY / Interior Designer at ODADA

    “I dream of being a Snapchat influencer one day."


    • Values of true authenticity in captures of daily lives, just be yourself and be creative
    • Please please please, no ads


Based on my interviews with 2 target users and one Snapchat expert, these were the three main insights I got.

Advertisements or brand promotions on Snapchat not only frustrate users but are very ineffective

Snapchat users appreciate the creative and entertaining elements in the app the most

What differentiate Snapchat from other popular social media apps is the spontaneity in creating entertaining content


In-app Purchases

Lens filters, stickers, artwork created by people within the Snapchat community.

Creative Community

Focusing on building a creative community within all users, where people are able to bounce inspirations back and forth, and steer away from brands and businesses

Reduced Ambiguity

More older users -> more money -> more stickers -> more purchases


Focusing on building a platform for creative expressions with more options.

Provide in-app purchases for selfie filters, video filters, stickers created by both Snapchat and usersaround the world , video editing templates (stop motion, time lapse...etc)

In-app purchases can 1) be more profitable 2) allow users to focus on the quality and variety of content they create

Stimulates artists and designers around the world to create, collaboratively making the app a better community & beautiful place


Minimizing ambiguity in UX to appeal to Gen Xers and even the Baby Boomers.

Older users have higher incomes, more attractive to advertisers, and more likely to purchase

Lack of first-time instructions on the Snapchat app makes older users not want to come back to the app

Add hints and tips, improve design elements for more intuitive affordance, and provide comprehensible feedbacks

Main Persona Task Flow

In January 2017 Johnny attended the Women’s March in downtown LA with his friends. Even though he wasn’t so much of an active protester, he was really enjoying the atmosphere and energy of the day. Johnny was at the march for about 2 hours and was taking photos of hilarious protest signs. He was also very busy sharing his captures on his phone through Snapchat.


Final Design


Visually, the color scheme would stay yellow, like what Snapchat originally has. However, the interactions are enhanced with more descriptive and intuitive graphics and feedbacks.


This project got me thinking a lot about how much I love the process of research and interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and analyzing the different limitations, pain points and potential changes of Snapchat and loved how I could use my design thinking skills to bring out a few creative solutions.

Nevertheless, this project was made in early 2017, though, so a lot has changed since then and are probably no longer applicable. It was still a very rewarding experience!